Naomi Lawler

Real Estate Advisor, San Miguel
Naomi Lawler began her real estate career in San Miguel 21 years ago at a boutique firm back when real estate in San Miguel really began to trend with international clients and foreign investors. With a degree in Communications from the University of California San Diego and a background in Investor Relations and Radio, she used her solid communication skills and business acumen to broker fair deals that suited both buyers and sellers early on in her real estate career. She and her partner identified lucrative investment properties in prime, central locations and restored, remodeled, and built several homes in San Miguel. Both as a business owner and by serving her community through charity in non-profit organizations over the years, Naomi is a consummate San Miguel local with a remarkable personal network that both enrich her life and provide valuable contacts, connections and opportunities that help facilitate efficient purchase and sales processes. As a wife and mom, Naomi prides herself on being a great multitasker with a high level of professionalism. When Naomi is not at work for her clients she spends her free time with family, playing tennis, cooking, arranging flowers and hosting friends and family.
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