Lote 3 Mza 4 Viñedo San Lucas
$ 13,000,000.00
11862 m2
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1 month ago

Lote Florencia is located on the southern slope of Viñedo San Lucas. This plot of approximately 1.1 hectares, ideal for growing high-quality grape varieties. And a beautiful home full of Tranquility and nature and connection to earth. The concept of this Vineyard merge different passions in one place. Development with agricultural area made up of Vineyards, Olive trees and lavender Boutique Hotel Restaurants Polo Fields Olive, lavender and of course wine Workshop

Living in a vineyard is a unique and enriching experience that combines the tranquility of rural life with the natural beauty of the wine-growing landscapes. Tranquility and Nature: Living in a vineyard means being surrounded by the serenity of the countryside, with vast landscapes of vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see. The fresh air, the sounds of nature, and the changing colors of the seasons create a relaxing and revitalizing environment. Connection to Earth: Every day in a vineyard offers the opportunity to connect deeply with the land and plants. Participating in the annual cycle of vine cultivation, from pruning in winter to harvesting in autumn, makes you feel part of an ancestral and natural process. Actividades y Rituals: Life in a vineyard is full of activities that vary with the seasons. In spring, the vines sprout and require constant care. In summer, the focus is on irrigation and grape management Healthy Lifestyle: The pace of life in a vineyard tends to be slower and healthier. The diet may include fresh, local produce, often grown on the land itself. Daily walks among the vines and participation in physical tasks promote an active lifestyle. Community and Tradition: Living in a vineyard can also mean being part of a community dedicated to wine, where knowledge and traditions are shared. Wine tastings, social events and local festivities enrich social and cultural life. Scenic Beauty: The vineyards offer incomparable scenic beauty. Sunrises and sunsets over rows of vines, rolling hills, and golden leaf colors in fall create landscapes that inspire and delight every day. Challenges and Rewards: Although life in a vineyard can be challenging, with physical demands and the uncertainty of the weather, the rewards are numerous. The satisfaction of watching the vines grow, producing wine, and sharing it with others makes every effort worthwhile

Lot Size: 11862m2

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Lote 3 Mza 4 Viñedo San Lucas
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