The Centro Histórico is the heart of the old San Miguel, many of the buildings in this area are from the XVI and XVII centuries, so they have thick walls and patios. This area is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is why the historic buildings are protected.

Living in this Centro Histórico offers a marvelous lifestyle, as you can walk to the plazas, markets, as well as the beautiful stores, galleries and restaurants located in this area. The center of this neighborhood is the Parroquia, the famous church of San Miguel de Allende. In front of the Parroquia is the Jardín, which is the City Plaza and meeting place.

Other historic churches are in this area include Las Monjas, with its golden dome, and San Francisco, with its Churrigueresque façade and tiled dome.

The Centro Histórico is a hub of activity enjoyed by visitors and residents alike.

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