The Bauhaus Classics are a fine line of furniture to match any modern home. This interior design movement was founded in 1919 but has been a home design staple. It can be described as the ideal mixture between craftsmanship, art, and interior design with a modern twist. Learn how this style has remained timeless.

The Bauhaus Style

The main focus of the Bauhaus style comes down to reducing the structure of an element to its essential elements, paired with a classic and cleaned form. Starting as an architectural movement, this style has fully transformed into a perfectly balanced furniture space addition. 

This style is flexible for anyone’s liking. Simple designs without ornamentation were the main focus of the Bauhaus style, perfect for mass production. Designers focused more on materials like plastic and plywood, making Bauhaus pieces ideal for everyday life.

Identifying Bauhaus Classics

Bauhaus Classics are found in many modern houses today. This movement has some of the most common designs, which can be recognized on elongated chairs or abstract-looking tables and lighting. 

But also, you can look for any industrial-looking lightbulb with a unique switch or even a simple coffee mug with a rounded handle. Those, too, are Bauhaus-inspired pieces.

Bauhaus will remain intact thanks to the beauty behind the simplicity, as its primary definition for style can be defined as “Form follows function.

That’s why it’s so easy to spot a Bauhaus piece. You’d always find a simple element from chairs to tables and sofas. The Bauhaus style was down to geometric figures. Minimalist lines paired with simple and bold colors are examples of this style that has passed for over a hundred years. 

Modern Bauhaus Styles

Today, the Bauhaus decor style continues to be reinvented and reused for modern homes. Statement pieces like the Barcelona chair to the Chess Sets are a must-have in every modern home. Bauhaus style instantly adds sharp lines, geometric accents, and timeless allure to any room of the house. And don’t worry, while the iconic original Bauhaus designs can be expensive, many of its designs can be found for more affordable price tags.